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21 Sep 2012
You will notice that lots and lots of folks are trying shed weight. With regards to exercise you may or may not already know that keeping track of your heart beat can help. There are a lot of people who still stop exercising every 5 or 10 minutes just to verify their pulse. Of course you can keep track of your heart rate while not having to check your pulse continuously and that is by just getting yourself a Heart Rate Monitor Review. In this article we will be taking a deeper look at the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

As the title already lets you know this is a watch that can also keep track of your heart rate. In fact if you have any sort of sports watch you will find that it's not all that dissimilar to one of those. Nevertheless when you look at the attributes that come with this watch you will notice that it can do so much more. Nevertheless the key feature is the heart rate monitor and as any physical fitness trainer will tell you, you need to keep your heart at a constant pace when exercising.

If you are a jogger or runner you will see that this watch is a wonderful way to monitor you heart rate. Keeping your heart beat regular when you are jogging is key to getting the most from this exercise. One thing that you are going to find out is that this product will keep track of your previous 16 exercise sessions, so you will be able to match your heartbeat to your prior exercises. And when you keep your heart rate in the correct zone you will find that getting and staying in shape is easier.

Another thing that many men and women like about this monitor is that it is additionally water resistant to 50 meters. This means that even if it is raining you'll be able to use this monitor on your run without having to worry about it getting wet. And this fact has in addition made this a hugely popular model for swimmers. Individuals who swim also need to keep track of their heart rate just like everyone else who exercises.

Polar began producing Heart Rate Monitors back in 1977, and it had been initially intended for the Finnish Cross Country Ski Team. You will find that nowadays you can get a heart rate monitor without having to be a member of some sports team. For just $102 you can visit Amazon and order this product for yourself. Something you will quickly realize is that you will additionally not have to pay for the shipping because Amazon will cover that for you. There is in fact something I should point out, and that is that purchasing this from Amazon you will end up paying 40% off from the list price. This means that you are going to be paying about $68 less just by getting this through Amazon.


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